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Annie Lowrey on Chris Hayes: Red States Could Lose Obamacare Benefits, but Keep Paying for Them

This week a federal appeals court ruled that consumers are not be eligible for subsidies under the Affordable Care Act if they purchased insurance on the federally run exchange. On Thursday night, New York's Annie Lowrey appeared on All In with Chris Hayes to discuss the decision, and why it may hurt people in poorer states if it's upheld by the Supreme Court. States that opted out of the Medicaid expansion "are not getting the full benefits of the law, but they're still paying for it," Lowrey notes. Similarly, if people lose health insurance subsidies in the 36 states using the federal exchange, "you'd have a system where in states like New York and California that set up their own exchanges and accepted the Medicaid expansion, they're really benefiting," Lowrey says. "They could end up being pretty significantly subsidized by the poor red states where most of the residents who this law was intended to benefit are living."

Army War College Opens Official Inquiry into John Walsh Plagiarism Case

More bad news for Montana senator and alleged plagiarist John Walsh. Not only have the accusations come out as the Democrat is facing an uphill battle to keep his Senate seat, but now the United States Army War College has opened an official inquiry into his case. Turns out, the Senator might find himself part of yet another exclusive club — the college has only revoked degrees from eight other students since 1990.

Honduran Minors May Be Allowed to Apply to Enter the U.S. from Home

It doesn't look like Congress is going to solve the border crisis, or address President Obama's $3.7 billion emergency spending request, before lawmakers head out for a five-week recess at the end of next week, so the White House is floating another potential solution. The New York Times reports that the Obama administration is considering a plan to let children and young adults from Honduras apply to enter the United States as refugees before setting foot outside of the country. The idea is that if people can be screened inside Honduras, those who are rejected won't attempt the dangerous trek across the border ... we hope.


Brooklyn Woman Charged With Murdering Neighbor, Dumping Body Parts on Long Island

Severed body parts kept turning up on Long Island this month, and while police were reportedly investigating a connection to the Gligo Beach serial killer, they now say they all belonged to a Brooklyn mother of four who was killed by her neighbor in a dispute over the rent. Leah Cuevas, 42, was arrested on Wednesday and charged with second-degree murder in the death of Chinelle Latoya Thompson Browne, a 28-year-old Guyanese immigrant. Newsday reports that it's unclear if Cuevas actually owned their Brownsville apartment building, but she was collecting rent and the two often fought about the building's lack of hot water and frequent power outages. Neighbors say that during a confrontation on July 6, they heard Browne shout, "No Lee! No Lee! What you doing? Oh no! Oh no! . . . I’m sorry, I’m sorry," then heard blood-curdling screams.


Andrew Cuomo Could Have Saved Himself a Big Headache If He'd Been a Little More Frank

The Times6,500-word front-page story exploring Governor Andrew Cuomo’s Moreland Commission machinations was terrific reporting and a fun read. Yet, in some ways, the more fascinating piece of writing is the 13-page response to the Times’ questions. It is unsigned; on the first page, addressed to reporter Susanne Craig, it says “We are writing … ” and “We think,” and no doubt the missive was a joint, heavily lawyered effort. But the tone, and the thinking, is unmistakably Cuomo’s.


Twitter Was So-So at Debunking That False Rumor About Female Genital Mutilation and ISIS

Twitter is great at spreading information. The problem is that the platform is agnostic about the veracity of that information, and is equally eager to broadcast valid information about a recent natural disaster and invalid information about President Obama's birthplace. Today was a really good example — a lot of people (myself included) were shocked to see reports emanating from the U.N. and The Guardian that ISIS was demanding that women in the territory it controls in Iraq undergo female genital mutilation. As it turns out, this is, thankfully, a pretty flimsy story.


This Wearable-Tech Bracelet Electrocutes You If You Skip the Gym

Do you need a shock to your system to get you out of your basic no-pants, underachieving routine? Enter Pavlok, a new sadomasochistic bracelet that provides a very literal jolt to help you accomplish your goals. This goal-setting and tracking device looks like a cast-off from a Captain Planet accessory collection. But it also provides real consequences when you slack off. It will post embarrassing messages about your failure(s) to your Facebook wall for your co-workers and your high-school biology lab partner to "like." It will give money away. Or, it will simply shock you using "real voltage," a video helpfully confirms.

"Real voltage." »

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