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Perry Warns of ISIS Infiltrating Through Mexico

Texas Governor Rick Perry is worried about ISIS. Specifically, he’s worried about ISIS infiltrating the United States through our porous border with Mexico.

“I think it's a very real possibility that they may have already” come through Mexico, he said at the Heritage Foundation on Thursday. “The cartels, as vicious and brutal as they are, might be the least of our worries. What other bad actors are coming here, or for that matter, have arrived already? Where did they come from? What did they bring with them?”


New Jersey Teens Won’t Stop Setting Themselves on Fire

New Jersey teens just can't get enough of the so-called "fire challenge," in which impressionable teens light themselves on fire. The state's Division of Fire Safety thinks it's gotten so bad they issued an alert about the incidents, berating the trend as an "imbecilic act [that] is supposed to elicit laughter as onlookers and internet viewers watch the reaction from the person who is on fire." This makes those ice buckets look downright harmless.

Obamans, Selling Out, and the Proxy Fight for the Democratic Party’s Future

Barack Obama has always had a slightly uneasy relationship with what one of his aides, very early, called “the professional left.” Actual liberal voters like Obama a lot. For that matter, they like Hillary Clinton, too. And yet serious doctrinal disputes between the administration and the cadres of full-time (i.e. “professional”) activists have always simmered just below the surface. This is the true significance of stories in Buzzfeed and MSNBC about former Obama staffers allegedly betraying the president’s liberal values.


Read a Powerful Letter About Michael Brown and Ferguson

It's no surprise that sociologists, perhaps the group of researchers most dedicated to understanding issues of race and inequality, have strong feelings about the death of Michael Brown and the subsequent violence in Ferguson, Missouri. A letter just released by Sociologists for Justice  has been signed by more than 500 of them and counting (more than a hundred have added their names since the letter was posted with its original headline), and it's worth a read, in part because it contains some practical suggestions for how to prevent these sorts of tragedies from occurring in the future.


Washington Post Editorial Board Bans the Word Redskins

The Washington Post's editorial board announced Friday that it will no longer use the word Redskins to refer to the Washington, D.C., football team.

Other sections of the paper will continue to use the team's poorly chosen name. The ed board, though, is not alone in making the switch: Slate and the Washington City Paper already use workarounds when referring to the NFL franchise.


Russia Inching Closer to War in Ukraine With Convoy ‘Invasion’

U.S. officials are saying that Russia has 18,000 combat-ready troops at the Ukraine border on Friday, just as the Russian aid convoy crossed into Ukraine without authorization. Russian officials say the humanitarian aid, which includes food and sleeping bags, is meant for people in the war-torn southeastern regions, while Ukrainian officials are calling the entry a "direct invasion."


Darren Wilson Charity Page Turned Into a Cesspool of Racism and Trolling, Surprising No One

White people, it's safe to assume, have donated more than $230,000 in six days to Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson, who has not been charged with a crime in the shooting of Michael Brown, "for any financial needs." (Meet his supporters here.) Along with their credit card numbers, donors were allowed to leave their two cents. That went about as well as could be expected.


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